We Build Your Offshore Team

We make sure we understand your business, vision and culture, so we can tailor every step of the recruitment process.

Our 30-strong recruitment team dives deep into pool of millions of engineers across India. Prospective candidates are put through a meticulous step by step process including technical, personal, and cultural testing. Finally, your on-site team conducts the final interviews, allowing you to handpick your new team members.

We Set-Up Your Workspace

In a beautiful co-working space across India, you’ll get a private office for your brand. With ergonomic workstations, numerous nooks and corners, 500 Mbps fiber connection, a gym and a rooftop pool, this is the ideal environment for creativity and productivity.

We can also set up dedicated office space for you of the team size is more than 50.


You work directly with your offshore team the same way you do with your colleagues back home. On a daily basis, you are in charge of everything from work hours to the planning of sprints. We’re by your side to take care of all the administration, so you can focus on the work side of things.

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