The word Leadership is defined by so may great writers, business tycoons, management gurus etc, that I feel a little hesitant here to redefine it my own way.

The concept of Leadership is spoken about the most. But what is going to be different here is MY experience with this concept!

It's been a while that I have been working with an organisation and Leadership was just a word for me until I experienced the leadership qualities of this one person who actually leads this organization. I would not be exaggerating it at all by saying he is looked upon by every single soul in this organization.

There are numerous leadership styles, great leaders choose their leadership style like a golfer chooses his or her club. But successful leaders create their own style because every member needs a tailor-made attention.

Here is the description of our leader! He plucks his own golden feathers to bring us up to become leaders. When he is asked about something, he would smile at us and let do the mistakes... and pull us back from that path and then tell the correction. He is a protective father, an always teasing brother, a forever loyal friend and a lifelong teacher. He holds and hands and guides us all the way and leaves our hand to fall off and then to get up, walk alone, in a better way. He takes the escalations and problems on his table and throws all the success towards us. He pushes us down for the smallest issues and gives the double of the inspiration to bounce back. He does takes all of us to tea party every single day...and demands a treat on occasions. He listens to every of the detail that we talk and supports for wherever we really need him. He does not affect the professional lives we carry, he affects the personal lives that we struggle with.

So, this was a small token of thanks and acknowledgement for him to know what role does he play in our lives!

A leader translates the vision to reality. Demonstrates the possible.



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